How to customize the Dashboard with config or custom Css

I’m integrating TileDesk in an IFrame along with my main backoffice application, in order to allow agents to chat with the customers chatting through the Widget (which is available in the Front app)
The only part of the Dashboard that I want to display is just the chat, so the lateral menu, as well as the top menu (with the “simulate a visitor” button for example) are too much informations, with too much buttons.
I didn’t find a way to integrate just that Chat panel. => did I miss something?
If not, is it possible to add some custom Css or some configuration to hide the lateral menu, and the top menu (with the “simulate a visitor” button for example)

HI @SunnyMa,
do you use the cloud version of Tiledesk?

Hi @Nicolan74
Yes I do use the could version of Tiledesk.
Precisely, the URL of TileDesk that I’m displaying in an IFrame is : Tiledesk - Open Source Live Chat xyz…

for the cloud version we have to study a solution to your request. I’ll let you know soon.

Thanks @Nicolan74
FYI, for now I think that we will subscribe to the paying version of TileDesk since we found a temporary solution consisting on hiding some parts of the TileDesk IFrame underneath the IFrame of the main application. Hopefuly it should be enough for customer demonstrations. But it won’t be ideal if we want to go to production with it.
Hopefuly until then you will provide a better solution.
Maybe something similar to the “Embeded conversation info”
But that would contain the conversation panel of the agent

take a look here:

Thanks for your answer, but I have already tried the 3 available iFame integration but they are not enough:
What I want is a panel with just the opened conversations for the agent
I think it would be a big addition to TileDesk integration
Here is a comparison image