Unbranding section is not available

I’ve installed the tildesk on my VPS and I didn’t find the unbranding secton
where I can find it ?


The Widget unbrabding UI section is an optional module only available as an add-on to the Enterprise version.

You can always unbrand the widget working directly on the source code:


I just installed the Tiledesk from the source code
why can’t I unbrand it from the settings? like the Enterprise version
what I understand now is that I can only unbrand by modifying the files of the source code

where I can find the unbranding file in the source code, because I want to edit it please?

Tiledesk comes in different distributions. One is the open-source MIT licenced. It includes the main Tiledesk components (the core) for messaging and automation, including the new visual design-studio. Other distributions like SAAS one are tailored one for the online product or Enterprise customizations. They provide ready-to-use additional modules for many purposes including white-labeling/unbranding.
To unbrand your MIT on-prem version without the optional modules you can modify the specific components as the Console application as well as the Widget. If you are interested in the web widget it is available here: GitHub - Tiledesk/chat21-web-widget: Tiledesk Web Widget designed to bring live chat features into your web/mobile apps (Angular). Open source alternative to Intercom, Zendesk, Tawk.to, Tidio and Drift for Customer Service and Conversational Marketing

Feel free to inspect the source code and modify it as you prefer.