Dialogflow Simple response is not shown

The dialogflow is working fine (it is in production using another dashboard) but when I start to interact through the Tiledesk interface the Dialogflow Simple Response is not presented to the customer. I have reviewed the logs of Dialogflow an as expected response is present.

Could you please help me to advice whats should I change to make it work?

I found the reason, it should be Text Response and not Simple Response from the Google Assistant

Following the manual was enough to understand it

Hi Victor,

You can send images buttons and other stuff using the Tiledesk Markbot language for Dialogflow.

You can also add actions to your replies, i.e. switching to a human agent or embed replies from the Tiledesk Help Center:


Hello Andrea,

I have set this Chatbot Action in the Text response

But I when got this response, seems that it is not rendered/invoked properly


(Because of restriction for new Users I have to paste it here)

Thank you, now it is solved. We have found very useful this documentation also.