Tiledesk <> Dialogflow

We have configured an external bot in the dockerized tiledesk application (Following the bot creation guide Dialogflow) that in a previous version (2.0.3) works correctly, now with the dockerized versions we are trying to implement the same bot and it doesn’t work, (both tested using heroku and a private server) but the chat does not receive a response, what we do see is that there is communication with Dialogflow since the entire conversation can be seen there.
Captura de pantalla 2023-08-21 a las 14.44.38
The strange thing is that the conversation is shown in the dialogflow console but it is not being shown in the chat

We don’t see anything strange in the server log
Where is the problem?
In tiledesk cloud it doesn’t work either

Can you share us more datail about your configuration?

  1. The guide you followed
  2. All the details regarding your integration so we can replicate the configuration on our server and tell you what’s wrong.


Hello Andrea

  1. The guide that I followed for the integration is the following: https://developer.tiledesk.com/external-chatbot/external-chatbot-tutorials/dialogflow-as-external-chatbot-integration

  2. You can access the repository that we use for integration: https://github.com/Multiconversion/chatuv-dialogflow
    I gave you access to your email a while ago if you want me to give you access to another email I’ll share it with you.

Thank you for answering so quickly