Agent_handoff when offline

Hi I would like to know how to solve this problem.

I have created a bot that starts automatically before switching to an operator.

The visitor requests to speak to an operator with through the bot’s button \ agent_handoff.
However, there is no online operator.

How do I get the bot to tell that there are no agents online? I can notify the visitor at the beginning of the chat, but in this situation, the visitor is waiting without communication and receives no contact from any operator.

How can I ask the visitor to give their email since all the operators are offline? (comply with the GDPR).

Thanks a lot

Hi Diego.

When agents are offline (or the user is asking out of the operating hours) you can always use the offline message to ask email to the user.
If the user inserts his email, agents can reply the next business day getting offline conversations from the Unassigned queue (or getting conversations
automatically assigned if you activate the Smart Assignment feature, see below).
Consider that all messages sent in the conversation by the user are recorded, also with no agents available.

To ask email to the user, you can slightly modify the offline messages, as in the following figure:

Then, for the end user:


To improve your offline experience you can activate the “Smart Assignment” option:

With the “Smart assign” feature you can specify how incoming conversations are automatically distributed to your agents when they are all busy or when your project is out of operating hours.

If you activate this option, when the user will be notified in the first message that all operators are offline (with the customizable offline message) they can anyway write their messages.
The support conversation will be assigned to an agent as soon as they become available.
When they reply, the next business hour, the user will receive the agent’s reply and they can continue conversing by email or chat.

There are more options, like writing your own chatbot who asks for an email to the user, his name, phone number, validate fields etc.
If you are interested in this last option please let me know.

Thanks, that’s clear. :grinning: I have in fact changed the text as you see in the screenshot. The problem is that :grinning:
the OFFLINE message is the 1st one that the user receives; then the BOT starts. And since the agent is offline, the conversation will remain on hold until the agent arrives (it could be the next day!) without the user receiving any messages or further requests.

I’m definitely interested in knowing how to make the bot ask for the user’s email when the agent is offline.

Thank you!!

PS: do you speak Italian? :grinning:

I have the same problem.
Chats get passed to an operator even if there are no operators online and the user is not advised and is sitting there not being attended…


Can you provide us some screenshots or a video showing the issue?

You can also write to