Whatsapp Chatbot

Dear Concern,
I cannot create whatsapp chat bot for my business api account i need some help that kindly please get back to me.

Thank you

Can you describe your issue?
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can you tell me that how i can i configured my whatsapp chatbot, also can you tell me if its comes with the free or pro version?

You can follow this guide: How to configure a WhatsApp Business account | Tiledesk Free Live Chat
Whatsapp connector is available with free and pro versions.

i already have done this process but not responding to auto chat

what do you mean by auto chat? please give us all the information

please view this image i have already setup the chat bot but it is not working in the whatsapp i have connected the whatsapp as well.

Does the chatbot works on the web widget?

Use the “simulate visitor” button to get it working on web (and eventually send us the “simulate visitor” button url so we can test too).

We also see you setup webhooks for your replies. Is it true?

Let us know.


it is working on web but not on whatsapp

Hi midhat, have you solved your issue?
If not, when you write from Whatsapp are you able to see the conversation on Tiledesk Console?

yes its resolved thanks


Can you put me through how you were able to get the Whatsapp bot to work?