Sending attributes from your widget page to your chatbot

Hi guys,

If you have some important info on your web page (i.e. your student name/id, your customer order etc.) and want to send these info to your chatbot please follow this example

In this example we’ll send the student and assigment IDs (available in your web page) to the chatbot, so he can take actions based on those attributes.

Here you can find the HTML source code hosting the Widget:

Custom Attributes Widget example

Note the customAttributes section with the “assignmentId” set to A1


I created a specific Block do address all the conditions needed to get the suggestion specific to the assignmentId attribute

Remember to Create the attribute in the attributes list to use it around your chatbot.

Suggestion for A1

You need to add all the conditions here, for each of your assignments…

And a block (see on the left blocks bar) for the specific intent suggestion

Feel free to reply to this post to get more details!