Huge website performance-loss with Tiledesk widget

So after installing tiledesk on my page i noticed a significant performance loss, when consulting various rating and diagnostics tools the culprit appears to be a tiledesk in various ways, heavy javascript and other poorly optimized code. I love tiledesk but if this isnt improved ill have to remove it.


Hi andreas,

Thanks for the review.

We always work on preformance and consider this product aspect very important.

We are looking at your report and we’ll let you know soon about it.


hello @andreas happy new year!
could you please confirm us the diagnostic tools you used for the report you shared in this thread?
thank you :pray:

The tool was Google PageSpeed (:

Got it!
I recognized it, just looking for a confirmation :slight_smile:
Could you please also share a link of the website where you tried to host our widget?
If you don’t want to do it on public you can send a mail to support at (@) tiledesk .com or join our Discord server to have a private chat.
This is the invite link for Discord.