Correct tiledesk-dashboard and tiledesk-server set up

I cloned both the “tiledesk-dashboard” and “tiledesk-server” repos.
For “tiledesk-server”,
Installed mongodb, and started the server with default configuration

For “tiledesk-dashboard”,
Followed the readme to run the app successfully

The problem arises when I try to “sign in”,
In the network tab a strange string sequence can be identified which results in a 404 status.

Attaching ss for the same,
do let me know where it might be coming from.

Thanks !

After consecutive looks at the documentation and some hit and trial, managed to get it to work.
Here’s the root cause(s) for this issue:

  1. Although already mentioned in the “tiledesk-dashboard” readme, the remoteConfig part is not as clear as it should be and thus missed mostly. If this remoteConfig in environment.ts, is set to false, the app will use the dashboard-config.json and work as intended.
    the backend should revert with required values or the app breaks as shared via a screenshot in the original post.

  2. The “tiledesk-server” app also needs to be cloned and configured accordingly. For e.g. Proper set up of the .env file, mongodb installation and startup, etc.
    This part is well defined in the prerequisite section of the readme as well.

Paying a little bit attention will ensure the app runs as intended.

Thanks !

Hi brute,

thanks for your commitment in solving the issue.

We’ll take care of it and we’re checking the docs to be more clear!


No issues,
I am willing to make relevant changes in the docs.
Should I raise a pr when possible ?

Hi brute,

Our docs are on Github but they are a private project because if they go public the SEO will interfere with the online version hosted on gitbook here:

We still didn’t find an easy way to remove a github repo from SEO indexing.

But we are anyway very interested in getting support on documentation and we’re are investigating some way to provide you (or anyone else on the community) the opportunity to do a pr and directly fix or improve the docs.

Can you provide us the link of the document that needs improvements? So we can better understand understand how to “open” the docs.

Thanks for your patience!


Hey @andreasponziello ,
I think there is a communication gap,
I was / am referring to this doc

You’re right, there it was a misunderstanding.

Can you do a pull request?

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


sure, will do it asap.

Thanks !

Hi @brute . Can you help me in installing tiledesk-server from github on local machine and aws too

Hi Prem !
I might help on the weekend, maybe via discord. Meanwhile, you can check their official discord or docs for more insights related to installation.

Okay. All i need is to clone the associated repositories of tiledesk to run on the local machine end to end. It would help me. Thanks

Hi @brute . When can we connect ?

@brute hi i am facing issue