Change owner email (or name a new owner)

I’ve just deployed the dockerized solution of Tiledesk and I’ve found that the default owner email “” cannot be changed (grey and disabled). Also no other user can be created as “owner”

Obviously, I don’t feel comfortable with this configuration in orther to use it in production environment.

It’s possilbe to change this behaviour?

You can change the password from:
Menu → View profile

→ Change password

Thanks @andrealeo for your quick answer. I was able to change the password, but the point is not the password, is the email account of the owner. I cannot keep an owner where the contact email is outside my organization.

Imagine in case of reset, that will receive and reset link for my organization!!

@gonzalo Did you find a way to do it?

Hi @gonzalo !
There’s a way to change it. You need to go inside the database and alter it.