Can't use microlangue with Rasa

Hello all,

I have a rasa bot connected to Tiledesk. I can use the bot, but only with simple text messages. Pictures, videos, buttons ect. do not work.

I have followed the manual RASA AI Integration, but I am not getting the same result. Can anyone help me with this?

What did I do:

In domain.yaml I added a response:

  - text: "Welcome to RASA Connector\n\nChoose an option\n* Help Center\n* I want an agent"

In rules.yaml I created a new rule:

I added a new intent and trained a new model. In essence, it works.

In the terminal I get this:

When I test this in the cloud with Rasa-X I get this:

But then, when I look in the tiledesk console I only see this:

In the widget, this is the same:

Hi Johan,

Are you working on the cloud version? Or on your self-hosted installation of Tiledesk?


Hi Andrea,

Thanks for your quick response!

I am working with the cloud version.

Hi Johan,

You were right, markbot (the upcoming new name of microlanguage) was disabled.
Now everything should be ok :slight_smile:

Give me a confirmation please, and thanks for your time!


Okay, I’m going to check it out. This may take a while due to building and uploading docker containers.

It works!!! Thank you very much!