Webrequest Upload Image to my service

Hi, I need to send an Image uploaded by the user to my service. I don’t understand why my service receives a null image despite the fact that I set lastUserImageURL in the Capture User reply Action, as in the following picture:

Please help!

Hi, you don’t have to setup an attribute name to get the image url from the Capture User reply.

That attribute is only useful if you want to automatically assign “last user input” to your own “text” attribute. Other end-user message-related attributes are automatically set during the capture user reply.

You can find here all the flow attributes automatically set during the capture:

Document attributes:

Image attributes:

If you want user uploaded image to be sent to your remote service you must use lastUserImageURL.

So leave the Capture User Reply empty. As in the following picture:

At this point, after the capture action terminates, an temporary image file ulr is automatically populated in lastUserImageURL attribute. Put the attribute in the form-data section as in the following picture:

I hope this solves your problem