Error 404 when sending messages through chat widget

I have tiledesk installed on a server with docker and everything works fine. However when I start chatting. And the agent attaches an image, the image never loads for the visitor. I open the element inspection tool (to analyze the widget) and I see that the image doesn’t load and shows a 404 error.

I check the path that generated the image uploaded in the chat widget and I see that it is a relative url: “”/api/images?path=uploads%2Fusers%2F636561a7acad4e001a06e4f8%2Fimages%2Fee5c9c56-3a8a-47d8-a1a2-d2fab7f56d8a%2Fcaptura_simple.png"".

This results in the url of the image taking the domain ( where the widget is being inserted. And it doesn’t use the url of the installation (

I take the url, modify it manually (add the url of my correct installation) and the image is found and displayed.

So my question is how do I solve this, why does tiledesk show images with relative urls when it should show absolute urls of my installation domain? This could be a bug. I have made 2 installations, to test and in both the same thing happens to me.