[Tiledesk Community] Apps integration

Does Tiledesk Community have some preview about apps integration (Like whatsapp, telegram, facebook)?

You can find an example of the integration of Tiledesk with Twilio Whatsapp here: Whatsapp example integration app with Twilio - Tiledesk Docs

and an example of the integration of Tiledesk with Facebook Messenger here:

But in the tiledesk community installed in my machine does not have the ‘apps’ option

Comparing with the tiledesk in cloud:

yes Tiledesk Apps Marketplace is not available on the Community Edition.
You need to create an external integration using Webhook (Webhooks - Tiledesk Docs) and REST API REST API - Tiledesk Docs

I did not find in docs any tutorial for integration w/ telegram by webhooks. Does it exist?

The open-source available examples are for Whatsapp with Twilio and Facebook Messenger.
You can use any of these as a starting point for building the Telegram integration.


If I get to create for Telegram, I may pass to you as a Tiledesk example for Telegram Integration!

ok Interesting!!! It could be a good example of Tiledesk Telegram integration for the community