Problem with on-prem, community installation, Firebase credentials


We have an issue where our site widget has just started getting stuck on load. I believe it was working last week though I wasn’t really testing the feature last week, I was only making sure it popped up. I seem to recall the welcome bot greeting me though.

When I inspect and go to console, it doesn’t seem to be grabbing firebase credentials.

We haven’t made any server updates for our tiledesk install so I am wondering if you are able to help me out?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Alex,

You are experiencing a Firebase problem, because Google stopped execution of the Nodejs 8 Cloud Functions.

To resolve the issue please follow these instructions. Please apply it carefully. Before applying the patch you should ensure by yourself that the patch is compatible with all of your installed components!

  1. Update your local Chat21 Cloud Functions git project GitHub - chat21/chat21-cloud-functions: Firebase cloud functions for Chat21. It's the server engine of Chat21 hosted on Google Firebase with:

git pull

  1. Select your Firebase project with:

firebase use --add

  1. Redeploy the Chat21 Cloud Function with:

firebase deploy

These instructions update the Chat21 Nodejs functions from version 8 to version 10.

Hope this helps,


Hi @alex . Can you help me out in installing on-prem tiledesk?