Particular agent assignment?

Is there any way that the chatbot can assign agents to particular agent not like assigning to next available agent?

For example if the chatbot wants to connect the user to agent ‘a’. I should only connect to agent ‘a’.

Thanks and Regards
Sandeep Dora

Hi Sandeep,

take a look at this example on the documentation. It is a tutorial about webhooks addressing something similar to what are looking for.

Thank you Andrea for your response.
When I’m trying to use getTeam API, the API is responding with “You don’t belong to this project…”
Can you help me on this?

But I got the details with basic auth

If you are using our replit project you will note that you have to get the Team, then (just for example) I arbitrarily choose the first member in the teammates list.


To get the Team without using the nodejs APIs (i.e. if you work in Python) you must use the corrispondent REST API:

You need to fill the HTTP Authorization field with the token provided by the webhook itself as in my code:


You also must take the projectid from the webhook payload.

If you have any problem please first try with a CURL request, so you can share with us your issue and we can try by our behalf.


Please update your docker-compose.yaml file updating the tiledesk-server tag image to 2.2.24 version like below:

image: tiledesk/tiledesk-server:2.2.24
container_name: tiledesk-server