Multilingual Chatbot

Our website supports German and English languages. So I added German and English widget languages and I created a German bot and an English bot.
The widget language is selected based on the browser visitor language.
But how can I select the language of the ChatBot?

Yes you can create different ChatBots for different languages.
The easy way to do it is:

  • Create two Chatbots. One for Italian and another for English:

  • Create a department for each language and attach the relative chatbot based on language to each department like below:

  • For each department insert in the department description his language as below:
    Note The language in the description and the Chatbot language must match.

  • Filter the department based on your browser language
    On your website modify your script using the onBeforeDepartmentsFormRender event as in the following example:
<script type="application/javascript">
    window.Tiledesk('onBeforeDepartmentsFormRender', function(event_data) {
        var departments = event_data.detail.departments;
        var lang = window.tiledesk.angularcomponent.component.g.lang;
        if (lang && lang === 'en') {
            var new_deps = departments.filter(function(dep) {
                if (dep.description && dep.description.includes('English')) {
                     return dep;
        } else {
            var new_deps = departments.filter(function(dep) {
                if (dep.description && dep.description.includes('Italian')){
                    return dep;
        //modify the department array by reference 
        departments.length=0;  //empty the array
        new_deps.forEach(function(d) { //populate the department array

More info about onBeforeDepartmentsFormRender event here: Web SDK - Tiledesk Docs

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You can also use triggers to switch to different bot languages
These are the steps:

  1. The language condition (ex. English)
  2. Change the action to Launch bot selecting the chatbot for the specific language
  • Create another Invite Bot trigger for the Italian language as follow: