[JobWorker] AMQP error Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

I’m trying to run Tilidesk Server locally. That is, I cloned the repository and followed the following steps.

  • Clone this repo
  • Install dependencies with npm install
  • Configure the tiledesk .env file. You can see an example in the file .env.sample under the root folder. Rename it from .env.sample to .env and configure it properly.
  • Run the app with the command npm start.

I left the other necessary applications running in a Docker file, only the server is running outside of Docker.
But what if I generate a local Docker image based on the Dockerfile and use this image in the Docker file along with the other images, it also gives an error.

My operating system is Ubuntu, Node.js version 16.20.2 as specified in package.json.
npm -v
node -v

So, I would like to know why it doesn’t give an error only when using your original docker image?

Command used to generate the image
sudo docker build --progress=plain -f Dockerfile -t tilidesk-server .

NOTE: In reality, if you use the latest version, you also get this error mentioned in the issue.
If you upload Docker Compose through this file tiledesk/docker-compose/docker-compose-latest.yml at master · Tiledesk/tiledesk · GitHub you can get the same problem.

@andreasponziello, @gabrielepan Can you help me, I’ve been trying for days to find out why the latest version gives me this error.